I hunt for darkness, I hunt for blood

Here we go! This is a fanlisting collective belonging to Mal. I collected quite an amount of fanlistings through 8 years in the fan network. Now I own the ones that I truly couldn't live without and that is ... still a huge amount. I create sites about mythology, music, literature and fantasy worlds.
If you happen to know what a fanlisting is, jump ahead! Maybe we like similar subjects. If not, head to TFL.ORG for info and more fanlistings.

Ravus protects Moudoku!

Aromatic: bloody mary
My OTP: skekMal + skekSo
My favorite food: Strawberries with cream
I was sorted into Slytherin
I am a Slytherin
I am a Dark Lord of the Sith
My guardian is Gideon Nav
My sin is Wrath
I am Raven Fae
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- I have a soul of a cat
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